June 27 – Nero Day

… Let us run with patience the race that’s set before us.
~ Hebrews 12:1

Onyx Summit (San Bernardino Mountains) to 3 miles before Highway 18 (near dry Baldwin Lake)
10.6 mile

First of all you might be wondering what is up with zero and nero days?!?! What is she talkin’ about? Zero and Nero are PCT lingo. Zero, meaning hiked no miles that day and nero is hiking only part of the day (which might happen after a resupply). So today Dan and I started hiking at 3:30 PM and finished in the evening at 7:30 PM.

My son Silly Chili (yep trail name) helped shuttle cars to start our San Bernardino PCT traverse. It was super because we not only got a ride, but also had time to visit and eat together at this fabulous cafe in Lake Arrowhead, Old Country Store Cafe. Thank you Silly!

The environs today were diverse and in some of my favorite habitat, Pinon Pine, Manzanita, Jefferey Pine, Sagebrush, and Joshua trees. There are a few wildflowers still in bloom. This is very dry country, so I reluctantly had to get back to hauling more water as the water sources are spaced from 10 to 12 miles and the temps are up!

Gear and food favs:
-Z-rest Sit Pad – yes I know I have already listed this as a fav but I like it. I cut mine from the end of a Z-rest sleeping pad, but you can buy one very similar. It serves many purposes: saves your pants, cushions your tush, can serve as a protective tray to protect gear from the ground, and might even be used as a Frisbee.
-all Mary Jane’s Freeze Dried Foods any dish any time of the day!

Silly and Dan

Rockin' and Silly


  1. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Gosh, you guys are having such an awesome time. And the bonus is that you all look so awesomely fit! Wow! So impressed with your efforts.

  2. karen halvorsen

    Very proud you and the journey you are on. I will enjoy reading future . Mom

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