June 23 – Water, Water, Water

“I think,” said Christopher Robin, “that we ought to eat all our provisions NOW, so we shan’t have so much to carry.”
~ A. A. Milne

Rock Creek to Guitar Lake
14.7 miles

This year is a grand opportunity like no other to get out into the back country. Because of the high snow accumulation, water is literally popping out of the ground! The forests have been renewed and water levels are up on all lakes, not to mention wildlife abounds (but not bears for all of you that are a bit fearful of them). Just this morning we observed a large
mule deer buck with beautiful velvet on his antlers. The snow also makes for dramatic landscapes.

We are camped beneath Mount Whitney at Guitar Lake and plan to summit tomorrow morning. We are a day early so Arrow and I might go into Lone Pine after getting a shower and burgers at the Whitney Portal Store. I can then get up to date information on snow and river crossings for the next leg of the trip.

The trek here was easier than reported. I think there must have been the world’s fastest snow melt!!!! We did talk to hikers today that said we WILL need our ice axes and microspikes for climbing Whitney. Arrow and I practiced our self-arrest skills this evening in preparation for tomorrow. Self-arrest is when you stick your ice axe into the snow to stop an unplanned slide.

Today we had the chance to visit the famous outdoor Crabtree toilet, which sits right in the middle of a fine little forest. Arrow was kind enough to snap a photo of me pretending to go on the potty. Also, a helicopter landed by the ranger station in Crabtree to drop off some supplies.

Tomorrow is going to be cool! This is Arrow’s first summit of Mount Whitney.

Thank you for reading!

Gear and food favs-
Northface Hedgehogs trail runner-these shoes are comfortable, waterproof, breath well, and most of all they are really grippy! Go Green drink mix- this is a salad in a drink, I drink this instead of coffee in the morning and I love the taste!

View of Mount Russell

Rockin' pretending to go on the pot in Crabtree (dedicated to my friend and co-worker Chris)

Helicopter Landing near Creek

Timberline Lake with Mount Whitney on the Left

Campsite at Guitar Lake

Very friendly Marmot


  1. Thank you, christy for the outdoor toliet shot! waaay too funny! i have been following your adventures and they inspire me every day when i take the dogs out on our 3 mile sunset hike. life got busy and i missed a few days so now i am up late catching up on your entries. ooooh, the stories you can tell! can’t wait to hear about them in person!

  2. Man, I can’t read this blog without getting itchy feet! Love the marmot, by the way.

    • Hope you are planning a trip soon, like tomorrow. Marmots will steal your poles IF you are not guarding your stuff!!!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Great pics, beautiful country. It is just spectacular.

    Speaking of dunnies (Aussie term for toilet) this one is quite famous on the South Coast Track in Tasmania – http://ourhikingblog.com.au/2009/03/south-coast-track-solo-by-very-fit.html

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