June 21 – Wildlife

Sometimes you need a sling shot.
~ Arrow

Ridge below Olancha Peak to Diaz Meadow
15.6 miles

Last night ONE lone, noisy, repetitive bird kept us awake. It made the same noise over and over again for hours! We figured that the poor thing was not having any luck with it’s mating call. Who knows, we did need a sling shot!

The views today were glorious. My neck hurts just from looking from side to side (yep, I know I should be looking where I am going). Snowy mountains, green meadows, and cool rock formations filled the landscape. Mosquitoes also showed up in a vengeance and we even got a little hail in the late afternoon. We are camped tonight by Diaz Meadow in the northern tip of the Southern Sierra Wilderness, which is the route to climb Muah Mountain (I recommend climbing this fun mountain).

We are slowing down a bit, but still getting a 6:00 start and hiking in the evening after dinner. The scenery is just too spectacular to whiz by. I love the lighting and forest noises at dawn and dusk!
Good night from Rockin’ and Arrow (it is very quiet, the bird did not follow us)

Equipment update:
Apparently, I still had the protective film on the outside of my Surge Solar Charger!!! So guess what????? it is working like a charm now. Go figure.

View of Owens Valley

View of Mount Langley and Mount Whitney

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