June 19 – Kennedy Meadows

Backpacking is the art of knowing what not to take.
~ Sheridan Anderson

Manter Creek (in Domelands Wilderness) to Crag Creek (above Kennedy Meadows Campground)
12.8 miles

Resupply at Kennedy Meadows was very stimulating after being in the backcountry for some time! We picked up our boxes we had sent to ourselves and headed off for the local Internet Cafe headed up by Mike a very generous man. He provides PCTers beds and computer and phone use. It is a regular hang out. I was able to quickly post a couple entries without photos. I will add the pics when I have cell service again.

After sorting through our resupply boxes and repacking our backpacks we devoured veggie burgers from the Kennedy Meadows Store Grill. We then attempted to hitch a ride to the campground to get back on the trail which was 3 miles away. Using some sweet skills, we landed a ride with 3 girls going camping in back of their truck that was filled with all kinds of camping gear and even a dog. It was just the best.

Our packs are now laden with a lot of additional gear and food for the upcoming Sierras. My pack feels like I am hauling 6 liters of water! Not good 🙁 The daily mileage will now be considerably LESS.

Gear and food fav:
Neo Air Sleeping pad – this featherweight comfy pad is a must and only weights as much as a closed-cell pad
Emergin C any flavor- packed with vitamins, gives you energy and is great insurance when you are in the back country.

Entering Kennedy Meadows

Arrow and Rockin' at Internet Cafe

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