June 15 – Solo Hiking

… trail dust is thicker’n blood
~ Louis L’Amour

Bird Spring Pass to Walker Pass
20.8 miles

Okay I lied I am dirtier than yesterday! As I hiked today through Pinyon forest, I passed Skinner and Scodie peaks (I have previously climbed) while overlooking Owens Valley and the Kern River Valley. This is all right in my backyard! How cool is that?

Tomorrow I will be meeting Sally (my hiking partner for the next couple of weeks) and Dan with resupply at Walker Pass. Hopefully they will bring salad, soap, and fruit. I have learned and observed differences while hiking solo:
#1 you have to be A LOT more careful. For example: if you happen to drop say pant legs or sunglasses while hiking there is no one to pick them up
#2 you can put in a lot more miles in a day
#3 I am not as neat and clean

Trail angel Okie Girl greeted hikers at Walker Pass Campground with chili, hot dogs, and drinks.

Gear and food favs:
Gossamer 2 piece hiking poles- These EXPENSIVE (4 ounces for each pole) are the Cadillac of hiking poles. They feel ultralight, are very sturdy, and they just make you want to go faster!
Skittles – I have to admit these colorful little gems have found their way into my pack almost every trip for the last few years. My favorite flavor…SOUR!!!!

McIvers Spring

McIvers Cabin

Tomer and Rockin' at the Spring


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  2. This is awesome, Christy! You’re amazing. It looks like your having a blast! Thanks for sharing your journey – love these pics! Enjoy your time with Sally.
    Love and hugs,

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