June 14 ~ HOT

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.
~ Russell Baker

2nd Piute Mtn. Road to Bird Spring Pass
20.4 miles

This was the day I had lost sleep over the last couple months. Would there be water at the cache at Kelso Valley Road and more importantly Bird Spring Pass and would the open exposed terrain overheat me (I do NOT like to get hot) and is it possible to really drink 4 liters of water in one day???

The water was plentiful and I did stay reasonably sort of cool with only a few unpleasant moments (with the help from the shade of Joshua trees) AND it is possible to drink that much water, thank you Yellowstone!

I met 2 new PCT hikers, all with out trail names. What is up with that? This by far is the dirtiest I have ever been.

Gear and food favs:
Injinity toe socks – I buy the wool quarter socks. These socks have individual toes that eliminate toe blisters, PROMISE.
Propel – This lightweight little package gives flavor, vitamins, and energy to water.

BTW I had my first encounter with a rattlesnake today.

Water Cache at Kelso Road

Me with Piute Mountain Range (where I came from just this morning)


  1. I just love seeing the pictures. So glad you finally got a shower! And water.

  2. Georgette Theotig

    Christy- Thanks for all the great blogs about your trip so far! I’m glad the heat wasn’t bad for long. And I hope the rattlesnake was friendly. I absolutely love hearing about your trip this way. I keep my PCT book/map next to the computer so I can see where you’ve been. Last, keep talking to yourself if it keeps you company!

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