FYI: My Trail Journal

Find something you love and go after it!
~Jim Abbott

Technology is amazing I am a thinkin’. It is quite incredible that I can actually post to this Blog information right from the trail, complete with pics taken on my i Phone!
There are however some limitations.

#1 Photos taken with the iPhone are at best…okay quality. Close-ups can be good, but landscapes (my favorite to shoot) are often very disappointing compared to what nature displays.

#2 The formatting of the Blog entry entered from my phone is fixed and limited. That means no creative resizing of photos, borders, captions, spell check, and paragraph maneuvering.

#3 I can only post a trail journal entry when I have cell service, which in some areas it may be a week before a new entry is posted on the Internet and then when I do have service I will post several at a time.

Since my on-trail journals with be from the iPhone and iPhone camera, please be forgiving. I will be posting after I get back from my jaunt better pictures taken with my Canon 880IS on Flicker and videos on YouTube.

Also, by the way I love comments. They especially will be an encouragement to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Surge Solar Charger with Eric the Black's Trail Atlas

So how am I going to power all this technology? A Surge Solar Charger by Novathink of course!

With all the packing done and lists on post-it notes thrown away and good-byes to family, I think it might be a good idea to list some hopes  for this trek:
~I want to see and experience  first hand what it looks like in the mountains the whole length of Owens Valley
~know what it feels like to be a thru-hiker (hiker on long-distance trails)
~meet PCT hikers on the trail
~experience a little what it might have been like to travel the Oregon Trail on foot and the life of a mountain man
~and finally… earn a trail name

Tomorrow should be very interesting. 🙂


  1. One thing you might try is to put your posts on delayed release while you are away from cell phone reception. That way, people will still get regular updates and you can spread out your stories a little more.

    The solar charger looks great! I’m eager to know how it works out. Have a wonderful trip!

    • I got a new replacement charger. I will let you know it this one does the trick. I almost have the publish date figured out. It is not as easy writing from a phone. Thank you again.

  2. Georgette Theotig

    Christy – I am so excited for you, as you begin this adventure in the Sierra. I want every detail from your hike, so I can experience your journey. You are an inspiration, and I’m sending positive thoughts for the best trip possible!

  3. Well, you are off and running. Well, maybe not running! WOW, hard to believe the trip of a lifetime has finally arrived. I envy your passion. I will be thinking about you the whole time and very anxious to read any posts. God be with you.

  4. Go Emily’s mom! I can’t wait to read your blog and share the journey with you. You are an inspiration!

  5. We love you mom, and I hope you have a glorious time! We are praying for your safety and health! ENJOY!!!!

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