Let the Packing Begin!

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
~Stephen R. Covey, Living the Seven Habits, 1992

I have learned many things during the process of planning this long distance thru-hike, but in the end it just is all speculation! How much will I eat everyday, am I going to like what I pack to eat, is it going to make me sick and what about all these Balance Bars, I don’t see the words Organic on hardly any of these foods, do I have the right amounts (too much or too little), will I really be able to hike that many miles each day, is getting your vegetables from a liquid form really a substitute,  will I have enough water and is it going to be safe, can a person really eat this much sugar and live to tell about it, will I ever like Coconut M&Ms again, did I pack enough food for Dan so he doesn’t lose weight, are the bugs going to eat me alive, will I get blisters and how am I going to keep them from getting infected, will the water cashes provided by trail angels still have water or have all the hikers drained the bottles dry, will I gain or lose weight looking at all this food, will I really be able to do without coffee sometimes, did I train enough or train the right way, am I even questioning the right things (most likely NOT) and after all the price shopping and reading gear reviews did I really select the right gear that will keep me comfortable and safe?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Really after all is packed and done the main thing is my family and their part in this adventure. I want to thank them for putting up with my constant chatter about this PCT thing, their smiles, love, i Tunes play list, constant technology advice, lots of driving, entertaining PCT house guests, reading this blog and now trail journal entries, and most of all letting me go and experience this. I love them all very much.

2010 PCT resupply

2010 gear


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  2. Go Girl Go!!!!!See you at Walker Pass!!!

  3. LOL LOL! I am seriously laughing out loud tearing up as I read this to keith this morning! HA! I never really put it all together how much JUNK you take! LOL! Hilarious! You can always throw those snickers bars at a predator if you need to! Love you mom and I hope you have the first of many epic lifetime adventures!

    • Yea well… I just thought of another question how will I be with all these hikers on the trail when I am usually used to seeing not a soul in sight for days????? Should be very interesting at the very least!

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