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Yellowstone and Skyward

We had the privilege to host overnight, Yellowstone and Skyward, Pacific Crest Trail hikers. They were passing through Tehachapi and needed rides, clothes washing, a place to sleep, and Internet. These ladies brought energy, motivation, and ideas to our home.

At the ADOPCTKO we met them in person and offered any assistance they might need while passing through Tehachapi. I had been following them the past couple of months online through their process of PCT planning and now hiking. Low and behold they later gave us a call.

Their stay was a HUGE treat for me! They loved trading gear and food ideas and tips.  I learned and listened and now I might just have to buy a FEW more items. 🙂

I will be seeing this gallant duo this week at Walker Pass on Highway 178, to bring food and water to them as they will most likely zip by. Thank you Skyward and Yellowstone!

Follow their adventure at www.postholer.com


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  2. Very cool! I bet Yellowstone and Skyward had some interesting hiking stories to share! Best of luck to those two ladies on the PCT.

  3. This is AWESOME! I think it is absolutely wonderful that you were able to share your passions with these two fantastic women!!!!! I wish I could have been there to meet these two as well! Love you!

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