PCT Gear List and Hiking Solo

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”   ~ Lewis Carroll

So… two questions usually flow out individuals after hearing that I am going to hike 600 miles this summer on the Pacific Crest Trail from Tehachapi to Donner Pass. A wide-eyed look of terror usually accompanies the questions.

  1. You are hiking alone????!!!!!!!!!!
  2. How are you going to carry all your stuff? Are you staying in motels?

The next question if given a chance, would most likely be “Are you packing a gun?” (a blog entry for another day) if and only if they get over processing the first two questions. I have yet to supply satisfying answers. Once in a great while I get the yearning for adventure look or the how can I help look or I wanna go look. This is a blissful moment.

A Sort of Answer to Question #1
– I am not hiking alone, just solo for just part of the hike. My husband and a great hiking buddy from Reno will be accompanying me for 2 different sections. So technically only 1/4 of the journey is solo, at least for now. It is still changing daily. A past PCT hiker once said: “If for some reason I run out of food/water/the will to live, or sprain my ankle- then I’ll just sit on the trail and somebody is sure to come along soon because the PCT is a well-worn path that 300-450 people are hiking on (that’s not counting the many day hikers on the trail); and the chances are very high that one of those people who stumbles over me as I’ve laid/dragged/pulled/dumped my body across will help.”

Top of Bishop Pass
Dan, Arrow, and Rockin’

Hopefully a Satisfying Answer to #2 – No, not staying in motels, staying on the side of the trail at the end of 15 to 20 mile days. My husband, family, and friends are my Trail Angels (people who help and watch out for thru-hikers) bringing resupplies and I am also having food sent to P.O Boxes along the way. Yes, I get to carry all my stuff, which has taken some time, research, and planning to decide what to bring that will keep me safe and comfortable. I finally have a PCT Gear List that can be accessed at the top of this page, that features 3 lists (Gear, Food, and Retailers) of what I will be taking and how much it all weights and probably more info than anyone wants to know. But information IS powerful don’t you think and personally way too much fun!


  1. Truly actually very good web site article which has got me considering. I never looked at this from your point of view.

  2. Mercy, mercy, mercy, only you would be willing to experience and complete such a gigantic undertaking. I have so much respect for you. Wow. I will be on my knees the whole time you are gone!

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