At Last…Wildflowers! and Cross Mountain Climb

Cross Mountain


LENGTH 3.8 miles one way with 2999′ elevation gain and 1339′ loss, yep up and down, then up again! about 5 hours hiking time
TRAIL HEAD elevation 4540’, Southern Sierra Nevada, Highway 14, Lone Tree Canyon Road, detailed description in Exploring the Southern Sierra: East Side
FUN FACTS This interesting and strenuous east face cross-country summit climb can also be accessed from the south ridge via motorcycle, no lie!!!

Coreopsis and poppies

This peak climb is a perfect workout for fall, winter, and spring (too hot in summer). This gem is one of the first in the spring to display fields of lupine, owl’s clover, poppies, fiddle neck, phacilia, coreopsis, blue dicks, and filaree. Cross Mountain’s colorful rhyolite lava slopes also offer bouldering opportunities.

Cross Mountain

Our route left the trail head and climbed northwest to the ridge that led to an optional climb of Chuckwalla Mountain, then descended southwest and ascended up a canyon wash to a pastel pink splotch backed by dark spires on Cross Mountain. From there it is an interesting climb up the east face to the southwest ridge of the summit. The summit features views of Cache Peak, Butterbredt Peak, Jawbone Canyon, Telescope Peak (Death Valley) and the Wind Farms.

For the virtual panoramic view from the summit of Cross Mountain during the spring, view the video below.


  1. Georgette Theotig

    I love reading about your adventures! The flower photos are spectacular, as is your trip information. Keep sending hiking news!

  2. So that’s where my grandson was this week. Those flowers were exquisite. What fun. Guess it’s too hard a trip for John and me.

    • This one might be, but ya know… there are quite a few that would be perfect! and we would love for you both to come along! It is going to be an amazing wildflower show this year!

  3. Looks BEEE-UTE-IFUL! Thanks for the panoramic view and narration! Love those flowers, AS ALWAYS!

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