Why Didn’t I Think of this Before

Cameron Road PCT

THE Pacific Crest Trail…over 2600 miles, spanning 3 states, hiking from April to September (April to beat the heat in the desert of Southern California and September before the winter snows settle in Washington), hitchhiking to resupply for food, lack of water in the desert, Trail Angels, heat, cold, snow and ice on the Sierra high passes, rain, food planning, gear planning, more planning, and miles and miles of walking every…day.
Yep, my dream. But as most people find like myself, my time off each summer is simply not the BIG block of time needed to complete the trail in one shot.

I admit last June, I could be found stalking the resupplying Pacific Crest Trail hikers in our small town and at our local post office… checking out their gear, reading their local journal entries, wondering what it would be like to be them on such an epic journey, and yes… even just staring at them. The thru-hiker – it could be me someday. As last year’s school year was ending, I sat dreaming of the upcoming summer hiking plans while finishing up the last pile of paperwork, it was at that moment the big idea was born.

I could just start from the PCT from outside our town and go north, not the whole thing, but 500 miles at a time, 4 years or so to complete, but a plan.



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  2. Carol Gooley

    Congratulations! Five years of staying power and inspiring so many others! Well done! Wishing you the very best on your future adventures

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