To My Daughter: A Woman’s Hiking Blog

My daughterSometimes in life we are fortunate to have that one human being that makes us think and do outside the box. That person is my oldest daughter. Just when I think I have done enough, thought enough, planned enough, talked enough, asked enough, bought enough, and loved enough she stretches me to go further, be more, and dream BIG. I owe her much and for this I am dedicating this blog “Lady on a Rock” to her.


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  2. You make me cry, I love you too, and am SO proud to call you my mom, friend, and teacher, and am honored and humbled to have something so monumental dedicated to me!

    I’m so excited to follow your upcoming adventure more closely this summer via this blog! I admire your drive, dedication and free spirit! You ROCK! “BE SAFE, make good decisions, remember your please and thank yous,” AND HAVE FUN 😉

    Love you!

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